Columbia Community Circles 4 Peace and Justice

The Columbia Community Circles 4 Peace and Justice is part of creating a culture shift in our community that will help to address social and emotional well being of children, young people, adults, elders and families. Restorative Peace circles are a practice under the philosophy of Restorative Justice, which has been westernized from Indigenous traditions and culture worldwide. The foundation of Restorative Justice is building relationships.

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Restorative Justice, and particularly the practice of Restorative Peace Circles intentionally cultivate an equitable and trusting environment that strengthens relationships between individuals and within schools and communities.

Restorative Peace circles are a powerful way to bring community members together and build and foster relationships that remove hierarchy and rather promote equity of voice, experience, thought, and brilliance. Participants have an opportunity to listen to one another, express their own experiences, feelings, and emotion and build connections with one another.

One of the most powerful and essential elements of circle is developing values and guidelines through consensus rather than majority vote. This process is essential to the trust, relationships, and interconnectedness of those sitting in circle together.

Circles organically and authentically foster the skills that align with social and emotional learning, such as empathy, hearing other perspectives and experiences, the importance of shared values, the impact of one’s actions on the community, and the importance of authentic relationships.

Restorative Peace Circles will be offered to various groups of young people and community members of all ages. Some may be focused groups, such as young people, educators, non-profit women leaders, people who are grieving losses, racial/ethnic affinity groups, LGBTQ+, interfaith collaborative, elementary school age students, etc.

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Do you need a safe space to talk about motherhood? Have you felt that speaking about the ease and joy of motherhood often seems to be welcomed, while discussing the hardships seems prohibited? If so, you are not alone. Join Columbia Community Care, Harriet Tubman Cultural Center, and Restorative Justice Partnership monthly from 5-8pm for an evening of sharing, listening, and embracing all the emotions that come with your experiences of being a mother.

These circles are held at the Harriet Tubman Cultural Center, 8045 Harriet Tubman Lane, Columbia, MD . Dinner is served from 5-6pm and childcare is provided.