How Some Howard County Residents are Coming Together to Help the Less Fortunate

Ever since the pandemic involving COVID-19 has altered life as we know it, people who are less fortunate have had a hard time adjusting to the new “norm”. I’ve been in situations where I struggled to get basic needs such as groceries and hygiene products, so I can totally relate. With stores having limited products, limited availability of public transportation and many families losing their income, the need for organizations to help the less fortunate has dramatically increased. Fortunately, we live in a county that is financially wealthier and more culturally diverse than most in the country.

There are several organizations that help fellow Howard County residents who are in need. I first spoke with Amy Kowalczyk, who volunteers with Columbia Community Care (CCC) as a coordinator. CCC’s mission is to support and uplift our community members who are facing mental, emotional and economic hardship in this unprecedented time of need. As of today, they have delivered groceries to more than 400 families. When asked why she started to volunteer, Kowalczyk said, “I volunteer because I want to give back to this community, where I have raised my children. Further, I want to help lessen the overwhelming burden that the COVID-19 related closures have had on our community.”

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